Social and Environmental Impact

Panagiotis Kollas is young Entrepreneur in United States of America. He is graduate from the Department of Economics in University of Piraeus (BSc, 2005). He has participated in Postgraduate studies at United Arabs Emirates at the University of Wollongong on the field of International Business. Also he joined in summer courses at Harvard on the fields of: Biology, American Foreign Policy ad American History.

Panagiotis Kollas is a Scholar of the program SELECT USA  of the United States, through his participation to the Global Investment  Summit of USA in 2015. Since then, he has founded the Global Corporation UNISCRAP PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation in the field of Environment. As Benefit Corporation it works in all the field of Bioeconomy such as: Food waste recycling, Composting, Energy efficiency (Combined Heat and Power systems), Wastewater treatment, and design and creation of Environmental Recycling Parks.

As a Public Benefit Company, it aims to in the creation of Social, Environmental and Economic Impact, through innovation, Research & Development and growth in the USA, in matters of Resource Management. The Company is active in the United States and south-east Europe, aiming at becoming a Global Company for young people, wherever they are in a united world without boundaries.