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Research Programs

Multidisciplinary tools for improving the efficacy of public prevention measures against smoking — SmokeFreeBrain, Horizon2020 (present). (Maria Raikou)

Breast cancer stem cells resistance mechanisms in genotoxic insults: Applications in diagnosis, personalized treatment strategies and prognosis of disease progression. General Secretary for Research and Technology – Greece (2012-2015) (Konstantinos Vorgias)

Engineering advanced biocatalysts for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars. Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology (Excellence Award II), (2013 – 2015). (Dimitrios G. Hatzinikolaou)

Horizon2020, 2013-today. (George Sakellaris) (Claire Economidou)

 Innovation for Competitive Enterprises, FP7, 2012-13. (Pavlos Dimitratos)

Development and demonstration of an innovative method of converting waste into bioethanol LIFE, EC, Biotechology Laboratory (2012-2015). (Dimitrios Kekos)

Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations – National and Regional Drivers, PYTHAGORAS Program, E.U. (2005-2006) (Constantina Kottaridi)