Athens University

Biochemistry – Biotechnology

Constantinos Vorgias is Professor of Biochemistry Department of Biology at the National University of Athens (UOA). He holds undergraduate diploma in Biology from the University of Athens, holds a PhD thesis from the University of Heidelberg, Germany in the Department of Biology with scholarship from the Max-Planck Society, where he conducted his research work. He was a graduate scholarship of NCRS Demokritos and the EU BIOTECH program at Max-Planck for Physical Chemistry in Goettingen.

He worked for a long time in the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg and Hamburg in Structural Biology Center at the German cyclotron (DESY).

He serves as Professor at Athens University and teaches at the Greek Open University, directs the Bioinformatics Graduate Program, University of Athens and participates as lecturer in several postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad as a visiting professor. He has participated as a researcher and project leader in a number of competing research programs both in EU and Greece. He has presented his work in a variety of international conferences. His current research interests, except various basic biological questions, is also focused om the study of the mechanisms of action and stabilization of enzymes of biotechnological interest. His research has been published in over 120 peer-reviewed international journals and has received thousands of citations.

He has been a member of the National Research Council and reviewer of a number of National and International Research Programs. Finally he has received numerous international awards and scholarships and has supervised a number of doctoral theses in Greece and abroad.

Major Research grants 

Breast cancer stem cells resistance mechanisms in genotoxic insults: Applications in diagnosis, personalized treatment strategies and prognosis of disease progression. General Secretary for Research and Technology – Greece (2012-2015) Development and screening of novel, rationally designed IAPP (amylin) variant/ analogue- peptides as drugs for diabetes type. General Secretary for Research and Technology – Greece (2013-2015). New startegies for cancer treatment. p53 EU, Framework V, Quality of Life Area (2000- 2003). Extremophiles as Cell Factories EU, Framework IV Biotechnology (1996-1999). Protein Design with two monomeric TIM-barrel proteins: towards new active site of chitinase and monomeric triosephosphate isomerase (monoTIM). EU, Framework IV, Biotechology (1996-1999).