Academic Knowledge and Synergies

The aim of the Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Laboratory is twofold: to promote and support academic knowledge and to develop synergies with public and private companies, international organizations, multinational corporations and consultancy firms involved in bioeconomy sectors (biomedicine, agriculture, food industry, fishing, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing, etc.).

The Laboratory aims at complementing research and educational goals of the Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus, yet, at the same time, it aims at constituting a valid scientific agency for incorporating bioeconomy in the growth model of Greece. In close cooperation with European Union agents and international institutes and organizations, it wishes to contribute to mentality change in terms of research and development policy, to optimum cooperation and coordination among involved parties and to promote knowledge as the primary economic factor.

  • Promoting UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  • Highlighting economic and social welfare within the boundaries of the ecosystem

  • Highlighting  bioeconomy knowledge as a primary production factor

  • Synergies with public and private agencies
  • Education and specialization in bioeconomy and sustainable development

  • Incorporating the 17 SDGs and bioeconomy in firms’ business models and the growth model of Greece


The Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Laboratory includes both research and education in the relevant field as its main focal axes. In particular, it entails actions, among others, such as field studies and investment appraisals, consultancy services to public organizations, private firms, multinational corporations and others involved in bioeconomy and sustainable growth within research programs, presentations, workshops, conferences and seminars in order to promote bioeconomy within the growth model for Greece and particular educational and specialization programs.